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DOUBLE BUCK SHIRT PRESS WITH ROBOT UNLOADER Production rate 200 Plus shirts per hour . High production unit features Robotic Buck unloader Stainless spring padding means NO broken buttons. Fully automatic operation Press paces the operator. Hi pressure vacuum holds shirt for better quality QUADRUPLE TRIPLE HEAD Production rate 200 plus. Shirts per hour Does the work of four triple heads in less than half the space Unique rotary design-- one operator presses four shirts at once Collar buck design gives 500 PSI while stretching the collar for a perfect wrinkle free finish Pressing takes place beyond the operators reach for improved safety and comfort. Hi pressure vacuum holds shirt in place and keeps padding dry. Fully automatic operation 50 the press paces the operator DOUBLE SLEEVE PRESS Production rate 200 shirts per hour New design simplifies cuff clamp system for ease of operation New air bag design presses creases beautifully all the way to the cuff Hi production double sleever handles two shirts at once Measuring device adjusts ~s to exact length of the sleeve. Fully automatic operation speeds production AUTOMATIC ROBOT BUCK UNLOADER Production rate 200 plus shirts per hour Automatically removes the shirt from the buck and places the shirt on the collar former. Collar former has a slot designed to hold a hanger Automatically transports the shirt and collar former to the operator NEW SHIRT P ACKAG ING SYSTEM FROM FUJI ST AR Production rate 200 plus. Shirt. per hour Automatically folds the shirt around the hanger. Automatically pulls the poly bag over the shirt Automatically seals and cuts the bag to the right size Automatically removes the shirt and transports it to a conveyor. Comes in fully automatic or manual baggers SINGLE BUCK SLEEVER 4 BODY COMBINA TION Production rate 100 plus shirts per hour Combines body press and sleever in one unit to save space Same hi quality finishing as the double buck unit Hi pressure vacuum assures: quality finishing Also come as separate units



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